At Franchise Elevator PR, our mainstay is to help emerging franchise brands, no matter their size, get the “big” attention they need to grow and support their systems.

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Since 2013, Franchise Elevator PR has used the power of media relations to help hundreds of franchise brands educate both their customers and their franchisee candidates on why their brand is being a part of.

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Whether it’s educating potential franchisees on the franchise industry’s hottest invest new franchise brand or to drive more customers to your existing locations; earned media and influencer coverage plays a pivotal role in elevating the growth of an emerging brands.

With over a decade of experience in understanding the mind of the emerging franchisor, Franchisor Elevator PR genuinely understands the proper approach to take when inventing a new franchisor category, working with a founder directly,  coaching a brand who has never utilized PR before or helping brands get to their next stage of growth.

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    At Franchise Elevator PR, we have one goal in mind: to create the third-party validation emerging franchisors need to take their franchise system to the next level. Through the services below, hundreds of franchise brands have elevated themselves to household names.

    Some of The Brands We’re Elevating

    We have helped countless emerging franchisors build credibility in both the consumer and franchise landscape. Here are a few of the brands we’re currently helping to elevate to the top!

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    Franchise Elevator has the ability to present Kelly’s Roast Beef in the best light in today’s media environment which has been critical to the success of our brand!

    – Neil Newcomb, CEO of Kelly’s Roast Beef,

    The Franchise Elevator team has been instrumental in catapulting our brand to new heights. Their strategic approach to public relations, coupled with their deep understanding of the franchise industry, has been nothing short of remarkable. One of the most impressive aspects of working with Franchise Elevator has been their exceptional communication skills, supporting our busy executive team. They have consistently kept us informed and involved throughout the entire process with clear agendas, project roadmaps, and industry events & awards. Their extensive network of contacts and their proficiency in crafting compelling narratives have significantly contributed to our brand’s visibility and credibility. I wholeheartedly recommend Franchise Elevator to any emerging organization seeking a top-tier PR firm that truly understands the intricacies of the franchise industry. Their professionalism, expertise, and unwavering commitment to our success and telling our story have made them an invaluable partner to Athletic Republic.

    – Lindsay Simpson, CMO of Athletic Republic,
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