With over a decade of experience in understanding the mind of the emerging franchisor, Franchisor Elevator PR genuinely understands the proper approach to take when inventing a new franchisor category, working with a founder directly, coaching a brand who has never utilized PR before or helping brands get to their next stage of growth.

Our seasoned team of media relations specialists has built a network of media contacts around the country. We leverage those relationships to secure positive coverage of your brand and franchise opportunity in print, online, podcast, influencer and broadcast outlets that reach your target audiences.

National Franchise Development Awareness PR

We secure coverage in national media and in targeted growth markets that highlights marketplace demand for your product or service, features profiles on successful franchisees and showcases your management team’s thought leadership.

National Consumer Brand Awareness

Whether you are trying to grow your franchise system or boost customer traffic to existing locations, it all boils down to brand awareness. Our team develops creative TV segments and feature story ideas while working with your marketing team to drive quality coverage that puts your brand in the media spotlight.

Crisis Communications

We help you navigate through negative situations with sound crisis management strategies and planning.

Media Training

Securing media opportunities is just the beginning. We follow through with media interview coaching to ensure opportunities are maximized with confidence, brand visibility and the right key messages. We also offer a formal Executive Media Training workshop featuring interactive exercises, which can be virtual or in-person.


We’ve spent years cultivating strong relationships with the media in local markets across the country. The fruits of our labors come in the form of consistent media coverage for our clients.

Local Consumer Brand Awareness PR

When it comes to boosting customer traffic to your local franchise locations, it all boils down to brand awareness. We have developed a proven formula to get new franchisees off the ground running with media coverage for their new business in their local markets. The Franchise Elevator PR team develops creative TV segments, feature story ideas and other angles to drive quality local media coverage to put your location in the spotlight.

Local Franchise Development Awareness PR

Franchise Elevator PR utilizes a proven PR strategy in target markets where you are looking to attract franchisees. The process is a localized version of our national PR approach in which we base story angles and media outlets on your desired franchisee persona. We target both B2B and consumer media with company expansion news, feature profiles on existing franchisees and other angles designed to drive interest among potential prospects in the area.

Grand Opening PR

Franchise Elevator PR created an exclusive program for Grand Openings with a separate team and fee structure. In this way, your national team remains laser-focused on the services and objectives paid for by your monthly retainer. With our “Grand Opening PR Packages,” franchisees pay Fishman Public Relations directly for local PR support for a flat one-time fee that covers up to 90 days of services in their local market. The one-time fee – which ranges based on desired service package — comes out of their required marketing spend for GOs, making it a seamless process for both franchisor and franchisee.

Regional Influencer Relations

Social influencers are a standard and effective part of Franchise Elevator’s local PR strategies. In addition to traditional media, our team has perfected the art of building relationships with local influencers, most with niche audiences of foodies, fitness buffs, moms, pet parents and more. Using industry-leading technology, Franchise Elevator PR identifies the right social influencers across the various social platforms who match your customer demographics, and have the confidence of your target audiences. Our team creates mutually-beneficial relationships with the influencers that result in positive posts, stories, etc. about your brand. Franchise Elevator has the capabilities to execute the right influencer relations strategy for your franchise brand or specific campaign.